“...This is facinating true story of Texas Lucy Hickenlooper
(a.k.a Olga Samaroff) validating the far-reaching influance
one person's contribution to a musical society...This
worthwhile, professionally produced project is rish in
substancive content and is highly recommended.”

“This documentary is excellent, [it] evoked a rare
emotional response. Great research, delightful music,
a remarkable artist we all need to know much more
AMICA bulletin-May/June 2010

“...a riveting, beautiful film [that] reavels
the incredible story of awoman of immense talent,
charisma and influence...”
Garrick Ohlsson, International concert pianist

“Wow!...Donna Kline has produced a fascinating DVD
combinig photographs and documentary film...
illustrating every stage of Madam Samaroff's career...
Throughout this DVD, always inthe background is a lot
of magnificent piano music, some played by Madam
herself and some by former students and colleagues.”
Lyn Bronson: California Music Teacher,
September/October 2010.

“I loved it. You really brought my Mother's life back to
Sonya Stokowski Thorbecke

“ engaging portrait of a remarkable life, accompanied
by archive footage and stills, musical illustrations and
interviews, with among others, her daughter Sonya
Stokowski Thorbecke and pupils Maurice Hinson and
Jerome Lowenthal”
Jermy Nicholas,International Pianist,
November/December 2010.

“...Virtuoso: The Olga Samaroff Stor is both informative
and entertaining. It is narrated at a comforatable pace and
recites frequently from Samaroff's own writings...”
Farhan Malik, Internatonal Record Review, December 2010

...” I especially appreciated the interviews with many of her
students, Amoung them are pianist, Jerome Lowenthal,
Maurice Hinson, Solvieg Madsen, Martin Canin and Magaret
Saunders Ott...I found the Olga Samaroff story informative,
engaging and beautifully produced”
Phyllis Alpert Lehrer, NCTM Westminister Choir College of
Rider University, American Music Teacher, April/May 2011.