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Virtuoso, a 60 minute documentary film, is the true, yet untold story of one of America’s great female concert pianists of the early 20th Century. Overshadowed by her famous husband, Leopold Stokowski, whose talent she first recognized and career she fostered, Samaroff was at the very center of a vibrant American musical life in the early 20th Century. Based on the book, An American Virtuoso on the World Stage, this documentary follows her life from Texas as Lucy Hickenlooper, to her rise as Olga Samaroff, the celebrated concert star of her time.

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Film Synopsis

Virtuoso: The Olga Samaroff Story, is a documentary about the life and time of Texas-born Lucy Hickenlooper, who despite the odds reinvented herself as Olga Samaroff and became one of America’s first and perhaps most famous female concert pianists.

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Olga Samaroff Stokowski is an important figure in American musical life. I knew far too little about her, although I was always aware of her stature...

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